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Making time for Maintenance

The last time I checked, I had over 3200 pictures on my phone. If I were a betting person, I’d bet ½ of them are outtakes or duplicates. While it may not seem like the best use of your time, deleting photos is a task we can all make time for. For me, it wasn’t important until I couldn’t use my phone because it was at capacity. While I would love to say I went in and deleted all of the bad pictures- blurry, off-centered, or with closed eyes. I didn’t. I looked at the size and deleted just enough big ones to make my phone function again. It’s a cycle I repeat at least quarterly. As a result of the finance challenge, I created a list of free self-care tips, and now, I schedule an hour a week for maintenance.

It could be organizing files on my computer, so I’m not wasting time looking for things I know are there, deleting pictures to free up space and make scrolling for a picture easier, or editing and uploading pictures to my favorite printing platforms. Hence, when there’s a special offer, I’m ready to print! That little act reduced stress and brought fulfillment and joy.

How many times have you felt or used a lack of time as a reason to avoid something? How accurate was it? Is your life so full that you do not have time for things even if you deem them necessary, or are you not doing important things because you are spending too much time on things that are not necessary? We have more time than we think; we need to be mindful of how we use our time.

Maybe you don’t have pictures to delete or files to organize- what’s on your list? What are some annoying tasks that never seem to get done, regardless of how quickly you can get through them? What big projects can you avoid by doing small bits of routine maintenance?

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