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100+ Free Self-care Ideas

One suggestion from the 75-day Finance Challenge is to create a list of free self-care ideas so you don’t feel deprived when you are not spending money. Find 30 things that speak to you, and you’ll have a month of activities. Consider one or two outside of your comfort zone for a growth opportunity.

Before we share several ideas, let's discuss what self-care is not. It is not overindulgence, selfishness, or neglecting responsibilities; that could not be farther from the truth. Now, let’s consider what true self-care means. According to the World Health Organization, self-care is “the ability of individuals, families, and communities to promote health, prevent disease, maintain health, and to cope with illness and disability with or without the support of a healthcare provider.”

We would love to hear from you as you try the ideas. Either share your experience as a comment or submit your sharing to to be featured in a follow-up post.

  1. Enjoy a cup of tea or warm milk

  2. Take a relaxing bath with bubbles, a bath bomb, Epsom Salt, or a bath sponge

  3. Go for a walk

  4. Read a book

  5. Create a work of art

  6. Have a dance party

  7. Write a thank you note

  8. Write a gratitude list

  9. Try a new hairstyle

  10. Make your bed

  11. Write affirmations

  12. Journal

  13. Make a bucket list

  14. Dream - spend 10 minutes writing how you would spend $1,000,000

  15. Do your favorite chore

  16. Call a friend

  17. Plan a vacation

  18. Watch your favorite show

  19. Do a brain dump

  20. Spend time with someone who inspires you

  21. Pray

  22. Meditate

  23. Take a nap

  24. Learn something new

  25. Spend time in the sun

  26. Watch a motivational Ted Talk

  27. Enjoy a sunset

  28. Watch the sunrise

  29. Laugh out loud

  30. Change your sheets

  31. Say yes to something that scares you

  32. Say no to something you don’t want to do

  33. Block out 4 hours on your schedule- do whatever you wish to - monthly!

  34. Clean out your closet

  35. Write morning pages

  36. Watch children play

  37. Complete a project around your house or office

  38. Eat outdoors

  39. Take pictures of something you love

  40. Enjoy your favorite dessert

  41. Engage in 30 minutes of healthy movement

  42. People watch

  43. Ask for help

  44. Forgive someone (including yourself)

  45. Redecorate a room in your house

  46. Go window-shopping

  47. Take a social media break

  48. Electronic free day

  49. Look through old photos

  50. Delete pictures from your phone

  51. Organize your computer files

  52. Delete apps from your phone

  53. Reread your favorite book

  54. Explore free activities in your city

  55. Create a solid bedtime routine

  56. Get enough sleep

  57. Try a homemade facemask

  58. Watch a burning candle

  59. Go for a drive

  60. Play a game

  61. Write a list of annoying tasks and do as many as possible in an hour

  62. Try a new dish

  63. Meal prep for the week

  64. Clear clutter

  65. Drink more water

  66. Scream into a pillow

  67. Have a no-chore day

  68. Schedule your annual doctor's appointments

  69. Take a mental health day

  70. Clean out your workbag

  71. Go sightseeing in your city

  72. Create a playlist

  73. Learn how to give yourself a massage

  74. Write a list of compliments for yourself

  75. Compile a list of motivational quotes

  76. Write birthday cards to friends/family members

  77. Plan an ideal day

  78. Plan a dream vacation

  79. Share your favorite books with friends

  80. Unsubscribe from unwanted emails

  81. Do a random act of kindness

  82. Try a new exercise

  83. Do a 7-day challenge

  84. Create a wish list

  85. Learn to cook a new dish

  86. Discover a new artist

  87. Introduce a favorite movie to a friend or family member

  88. Discuss your favorite book

  89. Teach someone something you love

  90. Try a new sport

  91. Find a healthy substitution for a guilty pleasure

  92. Commit to 2 weeks of a new personal hygiene routine

  93. Donate books you don’t want to finish

  94. Toss/donate shoes that don’t feel good to wear

  95. Develop a skill

  96. Smile at yourself

  97. Spend time with someone who loves you

  98. Make time to meet with a friend weekly

  99. Do one thing for someone else daily

  100. Spend 15 minutes speed-cleaning a room

  101. Grab a coloring book and color

  102. Do a crossword or jigsaw puzzle

  103. Do a word search

  104. Reconnect with an old friend or family member

  105. Create a mantra

  106. Download pictures from your phone -delete bad photos

  107. Prep meals for a rough day

  108. Make a list of actions that make your heart smile

  109. Do a 10-minute check-in with a friend or family member

  110. Invest an hour a week connecting friends and family

  111. Try a new recipe

  112. Create a secondary email address

  113. Make a bucket list

  114. Seek free therapy services

  115. Modify your eating habits

  116. Learn more about yourself through personality audits; there are several types

  117. Understand your triggers and find alternative responses

  118. Get enough sleep at night

  119. Monitor your finances

  120. Look for items you can sell

  121. Cancel unused subscriptions

  122. Enjoy your favorite treat without the guilt

  123. Learn how to use a feature on one of your devices

  124. Make a list of restaurants you would like to visit

  125. Pray for someone else

  126. Create a budget

  127. Make a list of movies or documentaries you want to watch

  128. Curate a list of books you want to read

  129. Update your resume or CV

  130. Plan a party for yourself or a loved one

  131. Tell a loved one what you love about them

  132. Delete unnecessary emails

  133. Create systems that make your life easier

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