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My name is Ty.


Homeschool mom of 6, author, advocate, and advisor Ty Salvant harnessed skills learned from personal and professional roles to advocate for women, children, and the community and advises women how to expand the role of motherhood to include self-care through writing, workshops, and events under Time with Ty. She is on a mission to modify our expectations of motherhood to include space for women to practice and model self-care as a form of self-love and self-compassion. 

Over the past two decades, I have embraced many opportunities to merge many of my passions: community service, marriage, homeschooling, education, and self-care through volunteer projects and multiple organizations such as Junior League of New Orleans, Catholic Engaged Encounter, Lakeview Civic Improvement Association, St. Dominic Church, Mocha Moms, Like Minded Ladies, Nola Catholic Parenting, and Nola Homeschoolers. From committees and boards to retreats and workshops, I have enhanced my leadership, public speaking, and organizational skills while improving our community.

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It was important to me not to lose myself in my roles as a wife and mother. With six children, that would have been easy had I not been intentional about caring for myself. I'll invite you to explore new hobbies, create new journeys, read, and grow with me.

Marriage has such a high priority in my life, that my husband and I have volunteered in a marriage preparation program for over 20 years and facilitated over 50 retreats, facilitated hundreds of workshops, and participated in multiple marriage enrichment groups to continue to grow and thrive in our covenant. I'll invite you to enjoy regular date nights, quarterly gatherings, and marriage enrichments with me.

As a homeschooler for the past 20 years, I am passionate about preparing my children spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and educationally for this world. We incorporate academics, life skills, volunteering, and self-care. I'll share what I have learned over the past two decades to help you enhance your journey.

I invest time in creating the community I want to belong to. I believe if every family championed a cause, the world would be a much better place. I'll invite you to volunteer and support local businesses with me.

I thank you for coming here and starting this journey with me. I hope I will be a guide, support, and friend to you as you discover everything you are searching for to lead an enriched and fulfilled life. Most of all, I hope you enjoy your time with me, Ty.

What People Say

Dawn L.

Ty is such an authentic person. She brings her true self and her heart to everything she does. She always finds a way, even when facing challenges. She’s a go-getter. I’m always impressed with her tenacity and drive. When she has an idea she makes it happen and gives her all. She is truly living God’s plan through her talents and skills she’s been blessed with and we all benefit.

Rosario L.

I'm very grateful for all of the help Ty gave me. I wrote her with many doubts and despair and with great patience and kindness she answered my questions and helped me with each one of my doubts. I am grateful to her for encouraging me and for showing me many options for my son's educational needs.

Joan R.

Ty is a determined, goal-oriented person with incredible follow-through. She approaches everything from family and friendship to business with professionalism and a personal touch. For Ty, achievement is possible with thorough planning and patience. She is a stellar role model, parent, friend, and spouse with an insatiable appetite for life! I am privileged to know her. 


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