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75-day Finance Challenge

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Are your finances keeping you awake at night? Are you afraid to check account balances because you want to keep sleeping? Do you keep pushing important financial decisions off until you can address them? Are you debt-free and wondering what’s next? Are you just starting and want to avoid costly mistakes?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the 75-day Finance Challenge is for you. We’ll invest 75 days into replacing bad habits with healthy ones to help you achieve your goals or get you started in the right direction.

The original 75-day challenge focused on physical health and is effective for several reasons. The concept led to multiple versions of this health challenge, including one I completed last year. While I made progress in my challenge, I found some unnecessary steps. My desire to create a plan with enough structure for improvement and flexibility for easy follow-through led to this guide.

As I contemplated what I thought was necessary for a challenge, I narrowed it down to three basic requirements I found essential to addressing our finances. The remaining goals are your choice to address your individual concerns.

There are three requirements for the challenge.

  1. Complete a thorough financial assessment

  2. Set a savings goal

  3. Get enough sleep

  • Based on your specific finances, set 3-6 personal goals you can accomplish in 75 days.

  • Complete one item from the bingo sheets daily to help you accomplish your goals.

  • Join our Wednesday night virtual discussions for inspiration and a prize!

  • You are encouraged to learn about finances monthly by reading, watching, or listening to recommended material


  • Share your progress via a group video.

If you aren’t exactly where you want to be financially, join us on a journey for the next 75 days that will give you information and encouragement, help you build habits that will align with your goals, and put you on a path to success in managing your money.

Early reviews are in:

I love the Bingo game! It has excellent strategies for easy-to-do steps to get started, which is super helpful when debt feels overwhelming. I feel pretty financially savvy, but I saw some things I can add to my to-do list to be better positioned! -----Heather C.

This is gonna help so many people, Ty.

Angela E.

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