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The Art of Investing in Your Relationship

It’s easy to think that love is enough when we begin a new relationship. However, it doesn’t take long to realize that a fulfilling and lasting relationship requires more; it demands intentional effort, communication, and a commitment to growth. Like any valuable investment, your relationship deserves attention and care to flourish. Let’s explore critical elements of investing in your relationship and how these efforts can contribute to a stronger, more resilient bond.

Effective Communication:

How often have we heard about the importance of communication in our relationships?

Ironically, we talk less about the type of communication, and we know that not all communication is equal and that we’re communicating all the time, even and more likely without words. Our focus should be effective communication. We must invest time understanding each other's thoughts, feelings, and perspectives. Additionally, we need to read each other’s body language and know when our partner doesn’t have the capacity to express an issue verbally.  Practice active listening, express your thoughts openly, and create a safe space for your partner to do the same. When we have poor communication skills, our body language can end a conversation even before it starts. Clear communication fosters trust and emotional intimacy.

Quality Time Together:

Amidst busy schedules, carving out quality time for your partner is crucial. Date nights are proven to impact and strengthen our bond positively.  When you’re in the middle of it with young children, spending alone time together regularly can seem impossible. Try partnering with a friend for a child swap. You can support each other’s relationships, allow children to create their memories, and make dating your spouse financially feasible. Consider an afternoon date if your children are in school and evenings are chaotic. Do the children have Saturday morning activities- sounds like an excellent date window. Regardless of when you do it, consider a monthly date night, quarterly day trip, and annual weekend getaway. Make it a priority to create shared experiences and memories. Remember that you model the importance of nurturing your relationship with your inner circle, especially your children.

Continuous Learning:

People evolve, and so do relationships. You are not the same person you were when you met.

How have you changed? How has your partner? Change is inevitable and should be embraced. While some changes may surprise you, like your spouse suddenly drinking coffee, many changes are good, like becoming a better cook. Invest in understanding your partner's growth, dreams, and aspirations. Be open to learning more about each other, embracing change, and adapting to the dynamic nature of your relationship. A commitment to growth ensures that you both evolve together.

Acts of Kindness and Appreciation:

Do you recall small gestures of kindness and expressions of gratitude from your earlier days? As we fall in love, we think our partner is AMAZING and look for ways to acknowledge it and share their thoughtfulness with our friends. While it may not be sustainable on an ongoing basis, surprise your partner with thoughtful gestures, recognize their efforts, and express appreciation for the little things. Fill up their gas tank, put a love note in their suitcase, complete a chore to give them unexpected time, send lunch to their office, and text a song that expresses your love for them. These acts create a positive atmosphere and strengthen the emotional connection.

Shared Goals and Dreams:

Did you spend time dreaming about and planning your future in the early days of your

relationship? How close or away from that vision are you? Do you still dream together? Building a future together involves aligning your goals and dreams individually and together. Working towards shared goals fosters a sense of partnership and unity, reinforcing your commitment to each other's success. Support each other through the setbacks and celebrate your accomplishments, no matter how small. 

Navigating Challenges Together:

Every relationship faces challenges, but how you navigate them together defines the strength of your bond. Obstacles will come from unexpected bills and finances to difficult parenting or caregiver tasks. Invest in practical problem-solving skills, approach challenges as a team and seek solutions collaboratively. Facing difficulties together builds resilience and deepens your connection. The Four Horsemen by The Gottman Institute addresses this well.

Self-Care and Individual Growth:

Investing in your relationship also involves investing in yourself. Prioritize self-care, pursue personal interests, and continue your individual growth. A happy and fulfilled individual contributes positively to the relationship, bringing a sense of vibrancy and self-assuredness. Make space for and encourage individual pursuits. Allow your spouse to fill you in on their endeavors. 

Like a successful financial investment, a thriving relationship requires attention, dedication, and a long-term perspective. By actively investing in effective communication, quality time, continuous learning, acts of kindness, shared goals, navigating challenges, and individual growth, you lay the groundwork for a resilient and fulfilling partnership. Ultimately, the art of investing in your relationship is a journey of love, development, and building a life together that withstands the test of time. Download the attached PDF if you’re looking for a year of date nights.

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