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Elevating Care for Community

 A new quarter is a great time to reflect on your ability to take on a new project now or in the near future. An area we strive to elevate is our care of our community, which can take on many forms based on your current phase of life. We’ll explore several options for your consideration. Even if, after reviewing the options, you feel you cannot take on any additional responsibilities, it is okay. Do not feel guilty. Save this post to revisit at the beginning of the next quarter. 

1. Donate Financially: Make a one-time donation or set up regular contributions to support an organization financially. You can also explore matching gift programs through your employer or contribute to fundraising campaigns and events. Families can hold a meeting to create a list of organizations of interest to all of you. This way, if you have to rearrange your budgets, everyone will be on board.

2. Volunteer Your Time: Volunteer your time and skills with the organization. This could involve helping with administrative tasks, organizing events, providing professional services, or directly assisting with programs and services. Depending on your availability, inquire about work that can be completed remotely or during your free time. If it’s challenging to figure out how to make time, consider investing a day a quarter, ½ day a month, or an hour a week. 

3. Spread Awareness: Raise awareness about the organization and its work within your community and networks. Share the organization's mission, events, and success stories on social media, encouraging others to get involved or donate. One way to accomplish this is to set aside the first 10 minutes of a set hour to comment and share a post. Another way to help is to connect people interested in particular causes with organizations doing the work.

4. Attend Events: Participate in fundraising events, workshops, seminars, and other activities organized by the nonprofit. Your attendance not only provides support but also helps to build community engagement and momentum. Write reviews, share pictures, and bring a friend with you! Attending a fundraising event instead of meeting a friend for coffee or going to dinner and a movie with your partner is a great way to support a cause while creating great memories! 

5. Donate Goods or Services: Besides monetary donations, consider donating goods, supplies, or services the organization may need. This could include office supplies, equipment, food, or professional expertise. Take a step forward and host a drive, which is a great way to involve the entire family! Your children can help make flyers to share with neighbors, put a container on the porch to collect donations or schedule pick-up days. You could also partner with a few friends to work together or have a friendly competition based on your personality!

6. Become a Member: Join the organization as a member or subscriber to receive updates, newsletters, and exclusive benefits. Membership fees often contribute to the organization's funding and support its ongoing operations. If now isn’t the right time to join financially, start a savings account specifically for the fees. Better yet, invite a few friends to join with you! 

Select one or two ways you can contribute to the organization’s success and help it make a difference in the lives of those it serves. To help you discover new organizations, we’ll highlight one daily during April and host our 2nd Annual Time to Play nonprofit night in City Park on Saturday, March 25, 2024. Here’s to elevating the ways in which we care for our community!

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