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Along the Road to Big Goals

Achieving big goals often takes time and effort, and it’s easy to overlook marking our accomplishments unless we hit a significant milestone. However, celebrating your wins along the way is critical. It acknowledges how far you’ve come, maintains motivation, and creates positive memories.

Breaking Down Big Goals

Big goals should be divided into bite-sized pieces to help you stay motivated. Without little rewards along the way, it’s easy to lose steam, especially if you don’t see immediate results. Celebrating the smaller steps acknowledges your progress even if you haven’t achieved the final goal. For instance, you can’t run a marathon without first running a mile, which should also be celebrated. Similarly, you can’t delete 10,000 emails without first purging 100. Without recognizing these micro wins, it would be easy to stop at 500 emails because it’s still far from 10,000. Celebrating these smaller victories creates positive memories and reinforces your commitment to your goals.

Ways to Celebrate Wins, Regardless of Your Budget

Here are some ideas to celebrate your wins, no matter your budget. While these suggestions are geared toward celebrating your achievements, consider using them to recognize the accomplishments of others as well!


1. Express Gratitude: List 30 things you appreciate about yourself to review as needed. 2. Public Acknowledgment: Recognize the win on social media or in a company meeting. 3. Extra Break Time: Take an extended lunch or additional break time. 4. Customized Playlist: Create and share a playlist of uplifting songs. 5. Personalized Certificate: Design and print a certificate of achievement. 6. Movie Night: Organize a movie night with friends or family at home. 7. Relax: Spend an evening in a pool, hammock, bath, or listening to smooth tunes.

$1 - $50 

1. Coffee Treat: Splurge on a special beverage you love. 2. DIY Trophy: Create a fun, homemade trophy. 3. Small Gift Card: Buy 10 $5 gift cards to a favorite coffee shop or bookstore. 4. Personalized Mug: Get a custom mug made with a special message. 5. Baked Goods: Bake or buy a box of your favorite cookies or cupcakes. 6. Custom T-shirt: Order a custom T-shirt celebrating the win. 7. Celebratory Balloons: Decorate your workspace with balloons. 


    $51 - $100

1. Team Lunch: Take your team or friends out for a casual lunch. 2. Spa Day at Home Kit: Create a DIY spa kit with lotions, bath bombs, and candles. 3. Framed Portrait: Order a favorite print from your photo collection. 4. Mini Celebration Kit: Include a bottle of sparkling cider, a card, and snacks. 5. Car Care: Have your car detailed. 6. Gift Basket: Put together a basket of your favorite treats and snacks. 7. Garden: Purchase perennials that will bring you joy throughout the year.


                                                                          $101 - $200

1. Professional Massage: Schedule a professional massage. 2. Concert Tickets: Buy tickets to a local concert or event. 3. Fine Dining: Make dinner reservations at a nice restaurant. 4. Subscription Box: Sign up for a monthly subscription box (e.g., snacks, books, or events). 5. Outdoor Adventure: Plan an outing for hiking, kayaking, or a day at the beach. 6. Customized Jewelry: Purchase a piece of personalized jewelry. 7. Makeover: Treat yourself to a new hairstyle or color.

                                                                      $201 - $300 

1. Weekend Getaway: Book a stay at a nearby bed and breakfast or hotel. 2. Creative Class: Enroll in a cooking, baking, or dancing class. 3. Fitness Tracker: Buy a high-quality fitness tracker. 4. Personal Development Course: Schedule an online course in a subject to help you. 5. Home Upgrade: Buy a nice piece of home decor or a small appliance. 6. Hire Help: Outsource a task or service you would love to have done for you. 7. A Year of Movies: Purchase an A-List membership for a year of AMC movies.

                                                                      $301 - $400 

1. Luxury Spa Day: Schedule a full day at a local spa. 2. Season Tickets: Get tickets to a season of local theater or sports events. 3. Customized Experience: Arrange for a unique experience like a retreat. 4. High-End Gadget: Purchase a premium gadget, like headphones or a smartwatch. 5. Professional Photoshoot: Book a session with a professional photographer. 6. Travel Solo: Book a cruise or vacation for one. 7. Hobby: Discover a new hobby and purchase the required supplies.

                                                                      $401 - $500 

1. Flower Frenzy: Schedule a monthly flower delivery. 2. Designer Accessory: Buy a high-quality designer bag, wallet, or accessory. 3. Exclusive Membership: Enroll in an exclusive club or membership (e.g., fitness club). 4. Luxury Gift: Plan a memorable event, such as a hot-air balloon ride or a helicopter tour. 5. Premium Dining Experience: Enjoy a multi-course meal at a Michelin-starred restaurant. 6. Invest in Your Future: Invest in stock that can bring you perpetual dividends. 7. Start Small: Turn your crazy idea into a small business.

Regardless of your budget, create meaningful goals that will encourage you to keep going, no matter how big your goal. We would love to hear about your celebrations, which could inspire others to identify long-lost desires.

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Thank you for the reminder to celebrate wins. It’s so important.

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