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Want to Be a Better Gift Giver?

While some have a knack for finding the right gift for a special occasion, others struggle. Even if you fancy yourself an exceptional gift giver, there is usually one challenging person in your life, or you may be unaware of a more coveted item on their list.

How can you become a better giver? Ask them what they want. Yes, I'm talking about a wish list. It's that simple.

Has someone inquired about purchasing you a gift and left you speechless? Make a list.

Many adults refrain from creating lists for various reasons. Ultimately, we do not invest time in thinking about what we really want. I don’t know about you, but that usually ends with me receiving well-meaning but not very useful gifts or gift cards. What's holding you back from creating a wish list?

  • Are you afraid of still not getting what you want?

  • Do you think it’s selfish or self-centered?

  • Will you be judged? Does it feel needy?

  • Are you not used to having your needs met?

  • Do you question your worthiness?

If you're struggling to think of items or experiences of interest, review the categories below.

Do you need more help with specific ideas?

What makes you smile? Fresh flowers bring the biggest smile to my face; I’d forgotten how much I love them! When the vase is full, passing my dining room table makes me happy.

What tool would make your life easier? I LOVE creating lists and grids. A reusable notebook is an excellent tool for brainstorming, list-making, or note-taking that's also great for the environment!

Is there an experience or event that you attend? I enjoy attending New Orleans Pelicans games with my friends, family, or other couples, so gift certificates to games are another treat that I would love and appreciate! Contributions to my AMC A-List membership keeps me happily watching movies a month at a time.

I need new pens, a rolling crate for books, jewelry, pedicures, and shoes in anticipation of book signings throughout the year. I’m also planning a year of marriage enrichments, so experiences like a hot air balloon ride or horseback riding are on the list.

Think about what you want to happen during the rest of this year and create a list to help you accomplish those goals. Would you like to start a new hobby? If you've always wanted to paint, what do you need to start? Would an easel, paint, brushes, better lighting, an instructor, or a class be helpful? Add it to your list.

This isn’t school; there’s no penalty for looking at someone else’s answers. In fact, seeing what someone else has on their list can help spark ideas for you.

Creating a list with multiple price points is important to ensure that a friend who wants to pick up a small thinking-of-you gift or a larger birthday gift has options. If you have a pricier item on your list, friends or family could contribute to an item that one person couldn't afford alone. Here's to giving and receiving better gifts.

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