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The Alphabet of You

With my youngest, from birth, for each letter of the alphabet, I'd recite adjectives for

characteristics that I saw in her or wanted to see in her. You are adventurous, brave, creative, daring, eager, friendly, grateful, honest, imaginative... Not only am I looking for these traits in her, but she also looks for opportunities to practice these qualities.

When friends heard what I was doing, they replicated it with their children and would routinely ask for suggestions on adjectives. As a result, I created seven lists, one for each day of the week. At some point, a friend suggested writing a book. As I thought about what that might look like, I imagined an alphabet adjective book depicting children of various cultures, ethnicities, and abilities thriving.

From speaking with hundreds of families with thousands of children over the past 15 years, I realized that gifts and talents are often overlooked because of preconceived notions. While the trend in children's book illustration is simple drawings, I wanted to show photographs of actual children. I also wanted a glossary because we often know how to use words in context but have difficulty defining them. Of course, if we could include the ASL signs, that would be a plus. Finally, I wanted to use more extensive vocabulary.

Fortunately, I found a graphic designer who was able to take my vision and create a colorful, engaging, and cohesive layout for my dream. In making this book, I wish to inspire caregivers to nourish and encourage their children with various adjectives that speak to who they are or will become. Our words become their inner voice. Will that voice encourage and empower them or ridicule and demoralize them?

I reached out to a wide array of friends for help, and so many friends stepped up to support me in a big way. You shared precious photos of your children, came to photo shoots, took pictures, and trusted me with your memories. Thank you!

The book was the impetus for starting Time with Ty. When discussing publishing and marketing a book with a friend who also self-published, she asked if I had a website. I didn't at the time, but I was willing to create one. I reached out to another friend who helped immensely. The graphic designer and I completed 75% of the book in the first six months, even during the pandemic. However, with the impact of Hurricane Ida, graduating another child, homeschooling, volunteering, and various other aspects of life, progress slowed, but I’m excited to announce that the time is now.

The book is ready, and our Kickstarter will begin this month. I can't wait to share the book with you. We’ve shared vibrant images of adorable children depicting an array of positive adjectives. I'm so excited about the thought of you sharing it with your little one!

With Kickstarter campaigns, the most successful ones reach their initial goal within 48 hours! For me, that means about 500 preorders of the book. Consider ordering it for yourself, the children in your life, or a classroom if possible. Invite five to ten friends to do the same. Like, comment, and share posts.

We will have a countdown, send text alerts, and post daily reminders to reach the goal. After day one, we’ll send weekly reminders with updates. We want to reach the initial goal quickly for the first order to ensure the books arrive in time for the holiday season! I appreciate any support you can provide.

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