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Make a Lasting Impact!

I'm sharing an experience that moved me to action. Have you ever read a book, watched a movie, or learned something so compelling that it inspired you to take action? In my life, I've had a few such moments. A Knock at Midnight by Brittany K. Barnett and Xernona Clayton: A Life In Black &White come to mind. I just had another one of those moments. 

Last night, I was deeply moved by an extraordinary movie called "Origin." It left an indelible mark on me, and I believe its power can inspire and shape the perspectives of generations of people. As someone who regularly immerses myself in movies, I can confidently say that "Origin" stands out as one of the most impactful films I have seen in a long time. As a wife, a mother, a daughter, a friend of many caregivers, a cousin, an author, a content creator, a black woman, a philanthropist, and a speaker, this movie spoke to me. 

With masterful artistry, the movie shares how a book came to be because of and despite life. While it may hit me differently as a creative, I implore you to see the movie and put yourself in the shoes of one of the characters. Who are you in the movie? Are you the author, spouse, mom, cousin, editor, supporter, or detractor? Who are you in your inner circle?

I'm not just recommending the movie; I'm taking action. I've set a personal challenge to buy a ticket for a teenager every month for a year, ensuring that more young minds can experience this thought-provoking film. I'm making a conscious effort to contribute to their cultural and intellectual growth.

Join me on this journey to move the needle! Let's turn the act of watching "Origin" into more than just a movie night – let's make it an outing filled with discussion and shared insights. I'm convinced that we can collectively ensure that generations not only watch this impactful film but also engage in conversations that can shape perspectives positively.

It's not just about buying tickets; it's about creating a ripple effect of inspiration and connection. By challenging ourselves to invest in teenagers' cultural and intellectual development, we are fostering a community that values profound storytelling and shared experiences.

we can create a future where meaningful cultural experiences are cherished and contribute to a more enlightened and connected society. Embrace the challenge, and let's make a lasting impact!

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