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Dream Together

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Do you remember dreaming together during your courtship? Did you spend hours imagining your future? What songs did you listen to then? Which songs bring you back, fill you up with that intense sense of overwhelming love and desire to learn everything about each other? How does your current life compare to how you thought it would look?

Where will we live? What will our careers look like? How will we spend our weekends? Will we have children? Who will they look like? How many will we have? Where will we go on family vacations? Will we travel abroad? What traditions will we create? Do you still have those conversations? Do you still dream together?

Dreaming together allows us to step away from our routines, get out of our comfort zones, and think creatively.

If you had 10 minutes and $1,000,000, what would you do? Once you complete your list, spend a few minutes coming up with what you think your partner’s list would be.

How similar were your lists? Were there any surprises from either of you? How can you make your list come true? Are there things that you can implement now? What do you need to accomplish your dreams? Would a temporary second job, taking in a border, finding a source of passive income, or having a garage sale enable you to accomplish an item or two from your list?

We would love you to share your lists. In addition to inspiring other couples, posting some of your list could help you to accomplish an item or find someone willing to join you or help you reach a goal!

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1 Comment

Feb 24, 2022

We have done a similar thing before. Thanks for reminding me it’s time to make a “crazy list” again. When we make a “crazy list”, we write down everything we think of. There’s no pre-editing - everything goes on the list, no matter how crazy (expensive, far-fetched, or impossible) it seems. I think putting the unrealistic goals on the list along with reachable goals frees us up. We go back through the list and laugh at some things, re-think whether other things are really what we want or really worth the cost in time or money, and even start to think about whether some things that seemed impossible might actually be possible if we really want them bad enough, o…

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