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A More Intentional Advent

We know that Advent is a time of preparation for the coming of Christ. It is a sacred time that we should be reflecting on readying ourselves in profoundly deep ways. Yet we are attempting to prepare for the spiritual season while being bombarded with Christmas songs, decorations, sales ads, and the temptation to make up for the things we missed over the year by overindulging our loved ones with gifts.

This year, consider how you want the time preceding Christmas to look, feel, taste, and smell. Then, make a plan for it. Many people complain about the overwhelming feelings associated with this time of year.

Find peace.

For some, that means completing the Christmas shopping in November so you can spend the month of December internally preparing for the season. For others, it will mean not putting up your tree until Christmas Eve and celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas. Yet, others might spend more time in prayer, meditation, or serving others. Regardless, create a plan now so you do not have to focus on tasks that are stressful to you during Advent.

Find an Advent calendar or three to follow this year. Advent calendars can focus on Random Acts of Kindness, Racial Healing, Marriage, or Family activities. Here are a few that are worth your consideration, or, you can create your own with your family. Once Christmas is over, spend time reflecting on how this Advent felt different from past years. Here's to you and yours being more intention this Advent.

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Love the idea of doing a random acts of kindness or marriage advent calendar. Will incorporate it into this years plan!

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