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Who Do You Know?

For the past few months, I have witnessed a friend live her life in an inspiring, authentic, and beautiful way. She wasn’t doing it for a camera, social media likes, or recognition. She was living, dealing with multiple hard blows simultaneously. Like so many others I know, she rose to the occasion. For better or worse, someone is always watching you.

We all know remarkable women. Many publications highlight women during the month of March. Receiving media coverage or being featured in a magazine or newspaper is flattering. However, there are only so many spaces and countless women who never receive that attention. Here are some people who may never make it on the cover of a magazine but deserve some positive attention. I see you; I love you; I appreciate you!

Use this concept, and highlight 26 women in your life- past or present. I know a lot of women; this is not an exhaustive list, but rather who was top of mind when I saw a particular adjective.

Astounding Shay Perry

Blithesome Gina Sternfels

Creative Maria Eitmann

Dynamic Danyel Black

Encouraging Kim Van Pelt

Fastidious Kerrie Stewart

Gregarious Natalie Keeney Sicard

Honorable Laura Hoffpauir

Ineffable Evelyn Jackson

Jaunty Sheryl Haydel

Keen Maisha Mena

Laudable Leslie Birke

Magnanimous April Defillo

Neoteric Amy Kirk

Obliging Pamby Barfield

Perseverant Cassandra James-Weathersby

Quintessential Monica Pierre

Resilient Amy Warner

Supportive Stephanie McLarty

Tenacious Simone Rhea Avery

Unwavering Elise Angelette

Vivacious Robin Barnes

Winsome Amy Kirk

Xenial Sarah Abbott

Young-at-heart Johnna Ferdinand

Zazzy Carolyn Rhea

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1 Comment

Mar 29, 2023

I shall attempt to live up to your praise, my animated, benevolent, compassionate friend!

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