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It's Your Time

The discussion of A Mother's Reflection began with acknowledging

that the vast majority of participants didn't see their mom outside of that role until they were mothers. Big takeaways include the benefits of considering different experiences, a focus on self-care, and a space to reflect on mothering during different phases, especially that of an adult. The call wrapped up with sharing one win, one desire for improvement, and one act of self-love.

One request was to schedule days to discuss different sections of the journal. So, over the next few weeks, we'll offer opportunities to gather based on topics.

Some moms expressed a lack of time to complete the journal-- isn't that par for the course? So here are three ideas for making time for you.

  1. Spend ten minutes a day working on the journal. For some, it'll be before the kids wake up, others can use a little of their lunch break, yet others will end the day with it. Only you know your schedule. Add a timer to your phone and get to work!

  2. Set aside an hour once a week. If you don't like short reflection sessions, pick a day and set aside an hour. Then, you can work on it at your favorite coffee shop or park. The location matters less than the weekly commitment.

  3. Grab a few friends and complete the book together. Alternate between answering a few pages and sharing your thoughts. Many tasks are more fun when you're doing them with someone you like. ;-)

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Really love the idea of working on the journal in a group and discussing I hadn’t thought of that. Still enjoying working my way through this journal. :)

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