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It's Time...

Regardless of the method you use to educate your child(ren), it's time. Time to plan, time to register, and time to enroll. Excitement fills the air as the possibilities of a new year, new routines, and new experiences await your family. Use this time to reflect on the following questions to help you navigate what this year may look like.

  1. What worked well last year?

  2. What caused undue stress, frustration, or harm? (besides the obvious, lol)

  3. What would you like to learn or unlearn this year?

  4. What activity would you like to try or let go of this year?

  5. What habit would you like to start or stop to make life easier?

  6. Do you have a good morning and evening routine?

  7. Do your family members get enough sleep? If not, how can you rectify that?

  8. What food could you add or eliminate from your diet to improve your quality of life?

  9. What are your biggest concerns about this upcoming school year?

  10. Do you have a good support system to help you have a great year?

Flexibility is important when it comes to riding the waves of uncertainty this year. Focus on the areas that are within your control and find ways to cope with the rest. Give yourself and your family permission to grieve what y'all thought this year would be so you do not miss out on the gift that it is.

If your children are in school and masks are required, instead of lamenting how annoying, hot, or difficult they are, focus on the fact that your actions enable other children, faculty, and staff who may be immunocompromised to participate.

If you homeschool and your co-ops are all online, save the gas money you would have spent driving around the city and allow your children to plan a vacation or extra special field trip.

If you are working from home, utilize the time you spent commuting to invest in yourself- learn, read, play, create, or rest.

Whether registering for school or with the state as a homeschooler, enrolling in extracurricular activities, or planning curriculum or agendas, focus on the positive. Not in a 'toxic positivity' way, rather look for what you get to do based on your circumstances.

I get to drive my two boys to college, help them get settled in their new living accommodations, and create a few family memories along the way. I get to watch my youngest be giddy with excitement at her new accomplishments, from jumping with both feet or counting to learning a new song and sharing with friends.

What do you get to do this school year?

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