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  • Do you struggle with communication?
  • Are you empty nesters wondering how to rediscover your spouse?
  • Are you just starting and want to build a strong foundation?
  • Would you like tips on how to keep the spark alive in your marriage? 
  • Do you want to discover the benefits of traveling together as a couple?
  • Do you need help with letting go of resentment and moving forward?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, the 75-Day Marriage Challenge is the perfect tool to help strengthen your marriage! This challenge provides couples with 75 days of activities and exercises to help strengthen the bond between partners. From communication exercises to date nights and romantic activities, this challenge is sure to bring couples closer together. You'll also have access to helpful tips, support, and guidance from our community to help you on your journey. Give it a try today and see its positive impact on your marriage.


The challenge begins on August 15th. Once you join, you'll receive an invitation to the private Facebook Group to start the conversation. The pdf file will be emailed on August 10th. 


75 Day Marriage Challenge

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