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Community Impact: A Knock at Midnight

If you haven't read this book or listened to the audiobook, add it to your queue. It should be on your short list.

We had such a lively discussion of this book using the following questions. If you missed our discussion, I encourage you to grab a few friends for your own discussion. At the end of our discussion, participants were asked what they were inspired or called to do with the information learned from A Knock at Midnight. Please comment below!

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After reading this book I was inspired to talk about it with everyone I knew. I gave my copy to a friend and encouraged everyone I know to read the book. One of the things I was inspired to do was share the book with the Scholars I work with. They are our future leaders and I'm looking forward to them sharing it and putting actions into place. I was also inspired y Brittany to put actions behind the causes I'm passionate about.

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